Being Dr. Jessie Daniels

Roderick Graham
1 min readJul 19

The next episode in my “Being” series is with renowned digital sociologist Dr. Jessie Daniels.

In this series, I have two goals:

  1. To learn how my guests how they “came to be.”
  2. Have them discuss their views on issues in society.

I’ve done several of these on my YouTube channel, and I am sharing them now in my newsletter.

I believe my profession has been unjustly mischaracterized and, in some cases, demonized in conservative media. In response, I am focusing more on academics — especially social scientists. It is my small attempt to push back against what I think is a damaging narrative.

These conversations are meant to humanize the academic in the viewer’s eyes and inform an audience about new insights from the Ivory Tower.

My previous two conversations were with Dr. Mark Fabian, where we focused on well-being and public policy:

And Dr. Rebecca Sear on health inequality:

Roderick Graham

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